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Top Mahakal/Mahadev Tattoo Designs For Lord Shiva Fans

Are you fond of having tattoos? If you are a lord shiva devotee, you are at the right place. Many Mahadev tattoo designs are gaining popularity, not just in India but also in other parts of the world.

One of the three most important deities in Hinduism is known as Lord Shiva. Therefore, you must be looking for enthralling designs as a Mahadev fan who is out to have a Mahadev tattoo.

And for the same, we have compiled the creative and best Mahadev tattoo designs; you have to stand out from the crowd. Let’s get ahead one by one!

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Mahadev Tattoo On The Chest With Coloured Lotus

This mahakal tattoo is partially shaded and partially coloured. We significantly altered this tattoo by using Mandala and other abstract patterns in red and black, as well as a lotus blossom in blue.

You can also put the Mahamrityunjaya mantra above this tattoo. These tattoos look beautiful and stylish at the same time.

Shiva in Greek Style with Trident

This stunning Shiva tattoo is designed like a Greek God, akin to Zeus or Poseidon. This design has luxurious hair and a trident with Om. Also, you can have the shiva picture with shaded eyes in this kind of tattoo. The om with the trident is gaining quite popularity among youths.

Realistic Portrait of Shiva

Realistic depictions of Shiva and his bride are popular among tattoo enthusiasts. While many prefer a colourful framework, black tattoos are still more popular. Linework, footwork, realism, geometric patterns, and many more styles can be used in these tattoo ideas.

Colored Om and Shiva Tattoo

This is a one-of-a-kind mahakal tattoo design where you can have an Om (aum) tattoo with Lord Shiva and Trishul inside it.

Lord Shiva’s aura is thought to be blue. Thus this tattoo utilized sky blue for half of the tattoo and black and grey for the other half. We take the time to create this tattoo and ensure it looks natural.

ArdhNarishwar Tattoo

ArdhNarishwar is one of the most common names for Lord Shiva, and it translates to “half man and half woman.” A tattoo of this type of Shiva will express your ideas that there should be no hierarchy between the sexes.

These tattoos can be created both on the arm and chest. With colours, we can help you to make it more creative.

Mahadev Shiv Immersed in Meditation Tattoo

This is a fully personalized whole-sleeve tattoo. The tattoo comprises a large Shiva tattoo in a tranquil meditation stance with additional unique features. We extensively studied the client’s requirements and came up with this concept.

In the background, a Buddhist monastery is designed to emphasize that Buddhist monks practice meditation and that Lord Shiva is the greatest Yogi of all time.

Wrapping Up!

Lord Mahadev tattoo designs can be worn anywhere on the body, from the armpit to the shoulder blade. On the other hand, twisting the design will undoubtedly make it unique and stick out from the crowd.

Consider the above Shiva tattoo designs for ideas. For any design, feel free to connect us. We like inking our valued clients’ sentiments, emotions, wants, likes, hobbies, passions, and cultures with our fantastic tattoo art.

Refer to our website and get started!


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