Mom & Dad Tattoo Designs by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Get The Memorable Mom & Dad Tattoo Designs

Getting inked the Mom Dad Tattoo on different body parts has become a new way to show love and care for your parents. People are getting various types of tattoos done on their bodies in the memory of their loved ones for ages. And now, individuals in India also get the tattoo of their loving mom and dad to keep their special place in their hearts. 

A professional tattoo artist in Bangalore can help you to get the appropriate mom and dad tattoo design on your wrist, forearm, arm, neck, or chest by following a safe and secure precession process. If you want to have a memorable tattoo of your mom & dad, get in touch with a professional tattoo artist in Bangalore city, and get your quote. 

What Are Mom & Dad Tattoos?

Mom & Dad tattoos are specially designed and inked on the body parts of the individuals as a memory symbol. The majority of people get it done after their parents’ demise to keep their memories and show love & respect for them. It is a deep human gesture that keeps the connection between parents and their children alive even after their final rituals.

Some people get a mom & dad tattoo to give a special surprise to their parents on their birthdays or marriage anniversaries.

Mom & Dad Tattoo Personalized Gift

Mom & Dad tattoos can be considered personalized gifts because these tattoo designs are so personal that show the love, care, and emotions of someone for their parents. They want to keep this special tattoo with them as a beautiful memory. Individuals love to surprise their parents by getting their portraits tattooed on their body parts. 

Different Types Of Mom & Dad Tattoo Designs

Both Mom & Dad Tattoo Designs

You can get various mom-dad tattoo designs now in India. Bangalore is one of the biggest hubs of professional tattoo artists. 

  • Traditional & Modern Mom Dad Tattoos
  • Heart Shape Mom Dad Tattoos 
  • Infinite Shape Mom Dad Tattoos 
  • Simple Parents Tattoos
  • Parents Portrait Tattoo Designs 
  • 3D Color Mom Dad Tattoos 
  • Mom Dad Crown Tattoos
  • 3 in 1 Mom Dad Tattoo Designs 
  • Rudraksh Mom Dad Tattoo Designs 
  • Language Mom Dad Tattoo Designs 
  • Black Ink Mom Dad Tattoo Designs
  • Heartbeat Mom Dad Tattoo Designs    

Mom & Dad Tattoos Are In Trend 

As we know that tattoos have always been in trend since ancient times. And now you can express love and emotions for your parents by getting the mom or dad tattoo either to give a surprise gift on their special day or to have a beautiful memory of them. Being a personal emotion, it is more valuable for a person, and that is why a professional tattoo artist gives it a human touch. 

Advantages Of Getting The Mom & Dad Tattoo

  • The biggest advantage of getting a special mom & dad tattoo on your body is that you can always stay emotionally connected with your parents even when they are not around. 
  • If you are a tattoo lover and want to have a unique design mom & dad tattoo would be a cool idea. 
  • Get your favorite mom-dad tattoo design under your budget in Bangalore city. 
  • Hire a professional tattoo artist to make it more special and perfect. 


Get in touch with a professional tattoo artist nearby and discuss the kind of mom & dad tattoo design you want to have. If you don’t have any preferences, then you can ask for various tattoo design ideas from the experts. And select a design based on your choices and budget. Tattoo Trends” Is The Most Trusted & Safe Tattoo Place In Bangalore, India.