Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo Guide by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Mandala Lotus Flower Tattoo Guide: 10 Lotus Tattoo Ideas

Tattoos depicting lotus flowers typically have symbolic significance. They stand for grace and beauty. The fact that a lotus can grow from muck is a metaphor for the ability to discover some measure of good in even the darkest of situations.

This is the reason several people are out for mandala lotus flower tattoo ideas to drive inspiration in their lives. However, With varied meanings, lotus tattoos are highly revered, representing innocence, purity, and enlightenment.

Since enormous designs are available, finding the best lotus tattoo designs is critical. No worries! In this article, we compiled a list of your top 10 lotus tattoo design ideas. 

Best Lotus Tattoo Design Ideas You Can’t-Miss Out

Wrist Dotted Lotus Flower

Wrist Dotted Lotus Flower by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

With the dotted lines and the form of the petals, this lotus flower design resembles a Hindu design style. This makes sense, given that the lotus flower is associated with various Hindu gods, making it religiously significant. A lotus blossom tattoo on the arm is intended to be viewed by the world rather than the individual obtaining the ink, stressing its significance to everyone. 

Simple Lotus Flower Design

Simple Lotus Flower Design by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

This lotus blossom tattoo has incredibly delicate contours as if touching the ink might collapse the image. The simple petals stand out against the narrow stalk. The overall shape of the flora is translated into abstract squiggles with this ink. The little white accent helps it stand out and emphasizes the tattoo’s sketchy mood.

Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo

Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

This is another out-of-the-box mandala lotus flower tattoo idea due to the overlapping petals and the variation of thicker and more delicate lines. It looks flawless on the above chest area and below the neckline. It represents the bloody beauty and carefree nature of the person. This is a perfect tattoo if you are someone who is a fashion freak and spiritual at the same time. 

Lotus Flower with a Whimsical Back

Lotus Flower with a Whimsical Back by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Swirling details and heavy shading provide fun to a back lotus flower tattoo. The flower appears more cartoonish than realistic, and the setting makes it feel personal. Moreover, going down to the back, it looks more stylish. Women who used to wear backless dresses can flaunt this tattoo in style.

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Geometric Shaped Lotus Design

Geometric Shaped Lotus Design by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

This lotus tattoo design simplifies the flora to its most basic shapes. A geometric aspect is introduced to the simple method by making the flower up of several petal-shaped parts that display their junction. It covers the neck area from the back, making it more personal. 

Shoulder Covered Lotus Tattoo

Shoulder Covered Lotus Tattoo by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

This is a fantastic tattoo in terms of both skill and design. You can’t take your eyes off the flower with its flawless black lines, strong but delicate solid black inking, and artistically subtle shading. The “star” of this design, the Lotus, is precisely placed in the center. The solid vertical line that runs down the arm is the stem adding a glam look.

Moon Lotus Tattoo Design

Moon Lotus Tattoo Design by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Many individuals enjoy this sort of tattoo since they are most productive or active at night. The half-moon tattoo on the above lotus flower is traditionally associated with feminine divinity and purity. A crescent moon can also represent the wearer’s power, and flow represents enthusiasm and purity, making it a perfect combination.

Moon Dotted Lotus Tattoos

Moon Dotted Lotus Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

This tattoo generally represents the wearer’s religious system, connection with the deceased, and deep link with nature, as the moon is connected with the tattoo. In many civilizations, the lotus blossom is a revered emblem. The Lotus has a profound spiritual connotation in addition to its beauty. It represents purity, power, and elegance. Its mystic flawless mandala geometry is based on sacred numerology.

Ankle Lotus Tattoo Designs

Ankle Lotus Tattoo Designs by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

The Lotus also represents dissociation since the surface roughness of the petals allows water droplets to glide effortlessly. It’s also an example of drive, inspiration, and never giving up because it manages to blossom even under the most challenging situations. Creating it on the ankle makes it look flourishing. The bold dark lines make it more noticeable and represent your purity towards everything. 

Intricate Mandala Shoulder Tattoo

Intricate Mandala Shoulder Tattoo by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

This is the deep, intricate mandala lotus flower tattoo design. The tribal elements and attractive traditional design make this tattoo different. This tattoo takes the classic lotus blossom concept and adds a simple flare to make it appear more detailed. The flower is accentuated as the focal point of the ink, but the embellishment adds a more planned sense.

Bottom Line

The above fantastic mandala lotus flower tattoo designs are enough to give you an idea of what to choose. All the designs are best in their sense, fashion, design, and simplicity. If you decide and planning to have any of the above tattoos inked, we got you covered.

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