10 Simple & Unique Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girls by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

10 Simple & Unique Butterfly Tattoo Designs for Girls

The butterfly is one of the most beautiful creatures on the planet. Butterfly tattoos for girls have always been a popular choice mainly because they have vivid colours, intricate patterns, and breathtakingly stunning wings. Butterfly tattoo designs can be inked in a variety of shapes and sizes, with personal quotations that have a significant meaning for the wearer. 

Another reason butterfly tattoos for girls are popular is that they are often associated with femininity and love for oneself or for nature.  However, with a myriad of butterfly tattoo designs to choose from, it can become challenging to select the best design for you. 

Don’t worry just as yet, as we at Tattoo Trends have simplified the selection process with a compiled list of the top butterfly tattoos for girls. Continue reading to make one of these designs your own with customizations to suit your unique style.

List of Unique Butterfly Tattoos for Girls

Butterfly Tattoos Near The Collar Bone

Butterfly Tattoos Near The Collar Bone by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

The placement of butterfly tattoos near the collar bone is prominent yet can be covered as per the need and look good in all outfits that one can imagine. Such butterfly tattoos for girls are usually inked with open wings that are fluttering as they are a sign of freedom and independence and can be inked in a wide range of colours and styles. 

Minimal Butterfly Tattoos

Minimal Butterfly Tattoos

Minimal butterfly tattoo designs are not just a fad, but a style statement that exudes panache and class. Small butterfly tattoos for girls are ideal for those who want their first tattoo to be small yet personalized and placed on a spot of their choosing. 

Inner Wrist Butterfly Tattoos

Inner Wrist Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

The inner wrist is a unique location for a butterfly tattoo since it is close to your heart as well as visible only when you want to flaunt it. Choosing a pattern that wraps around your wrist is a bolder look and such designs look ravishing on people who like to live life large. This design signifies endurance, tenacity, transformation, and hope and can be inked in a wide array of colour palettes. 

Motivational Quote Butterfly Tattoos

Motivational Quote Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Even better than a beautiful butterfly tattoo is the addition of a quote that you love. An inspiring motivational quote can keep your mind at rest and your heart happy always. Such butterfly tattoos for girls can also have a date, place name, name of

a loved one, or memory that you love! The possibilities of customizations are limitless, let your imagination go wild while you let your butterfly soar high! 

Upper Back Butterfly Tattoos

Upper Back Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Butterfly tattoos for girls placed on the upper back usually are medium in size, with red roses, white flowers, and other beautifying elements. Such tattoos often represent beauty and purity of mind, body, and soul. When worn with a backless dress, these butterfly tattoos can make onlookers gaze in awe. 

Contrast Butterfly Tattoos

Contrast Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Contrast butterfly tattoos for girls are a class apart with red and pink tones meeting black shades. Such tattoos can be designed according to your skin tone with the artist using simple colour shades to rainbow shades too! The only limitation for such tattoos, is the artist’s skills, do check out our Instagram page to know more about unique contrast butterfly tattoos done for our past clients. 

Upper Arm Butterfly Tattoos

Upper Arm Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

The upper arm is a prominent area to ink with a beautiful butterfly as it gives maximum space for medium-sized tattoos that can be personalized as per your heart’s desires. Both full-fledged butterfly tattoos with open wings and half butterfly tattoos with a side view look stunning on the upper arm. 

Black Tone Butterfly Tattoos

Black Tone Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

For those who enjoy the simpler things in life yet want a tattoo that catches the eye, a black-tone butterfly tattoo without other colours can be a perfect choice. Simple, elegant, classic, and timeless black tone butterfly tattoos for girls, look great on a wide range of skin tones too! 

Hip Butterfly Tattoo

Hip Butterfly Tattoo by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

Once a fad but now the norm, the hip butterfly tattoo always has a personal meaning often associated with courage, valor, grit, and fire, that women possess in their lives. These tattoos are less prominent to onlookers and are often done for the personal joy of the wearer. With countless personalizations in terms of size, colours, designs, and even placement, such tattoos are truly one of the most unique butterfly tattoos for girls.

Side Of The Wrist Butterfly Tattoos

Side Of The Wrist Butterfly Tattoos by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

The side of the wrist butterfly tattoo can be done with an additional element such as a musical tone, a flower, a star, and other whimsical accents. While it is believed no pain, no gain, in reality, a good artist can make the process of inking a side wrist tattoo a lot less uncomfortable! Do check out our Facebook and Google reviews to know what our clients think of us! Spoiler alert – our clients love us!

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Still Not Sure And Need More Options?

Butterfly tattoos for girls can be as unique as a snowflake, and any good artist will want their clients to have tattoos that they love not only today but for many years to come too. We at Tattoo Trends, work hard to make your tattoo dreams a reality, with full-fledged customization features and a no obligatory first consultation appointment.

Schedule an appointment and stop by our studio to make your heart flutter in joy every time you catch a glimpse of your butterfly tattoo done at Tattoo Trends Bangalore! 

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