Least Painful Places to Have Tattoo

Scared of Tattoo Pain? 8 Least Painful Places to Have Tattoo

When considering whether or not to get a tattoo, a typical concern is whether or not the process would be painful. Simple question and the answer is unmistakably positive. Needles cannot be inserted into the skin without causing some level of discomfort.

However, the discomfort associated with getting a tattoo is context- and preference-specific. But some parts of the body have fewer nerve endings, more fat, and thicker skin than others, making them ideal for tattooing. Therefore, for those who fear tattoos, here are the least painful places to get a tattoo. Following are some of the minor painful areas of the body to get a tattoo if you are considering getting one: 

Least Painful Place to Get a Tattoo

Thigh Area, Outer/Upper

If you’re concerned about tattoo discomfort, one of the finest areas to be tattooed is on your upper outer thigh. This is because this part of the body contains a thick layer of fat and very few nerve endings. Tattoos on the upper outer thigh are well-hidden, making them a good choice for those who need to cover them up for various reasons, including but not limited to employment. In addition, it’s a sizable area of skin, which is ideal if you’re getting a tattoo of a vast design and don’t want to water it down because of the potential discomfort.


The outer/back of the shoulder is the least painful tattoo spot, especially for beginners. Because there are fewer nerve endings and the skin is thicker than in other areas, the scratch of the tattoo needle is less uncomfortable. The shoulders have extra skin layers and surface area to make tattoos easy. 


Gone are those days when everyone used to get tattoos on their hands or arms just to make them visible to others. Neck tattoos are in trend and they look amazing when done with finishing. Not only this, the neck is among the least painful spots to get a tattoo due to the excess amount of skin and fat available. Whether it’s a girl or boy anyone can flaunt their neck with a beautifully carved tattoo. 


The forearm is an excellent place to have your first Tattoo since it has thick skin, a lot of muscle, and few nerve endings. It’s not as uncomfortable for the tattoo artist to fill in a lot of minute details, making it a good choice for medium-sized tattoos with elaborate patterns. Forearm tattoos, unless you’re an Eskimo, are usually quite visible and may be an excellent discussion starter with like-minded folks.

Back, Both High and Low

This is another place where tattoos hurt the least, including the upper and lower back, which are second only to the shoulders. People often choose to have permanent tattoos on their backs since it provides such a vast surface area.

When it comes to discomfort, the amount you feel during your Tattoo will vary depending on how near the tattoo artist reaches to your spine and hips. This is because more nerve endings are present below the skin in specific locations, resulting in a more significant pain level.


One of the most common tattoo placements is on the calf, which is ideal for first-timers. Under the skin of the calves are many little clusters of nerve endings, in addition to a great deal of fat and muscle. Because of this, you are getting a tattoo on your calf is more accessible than getting one on your ankle. The calf is another location with a sizable, smooth surface, making it an excellent candidate for more extensive tattoos or those with intricate designs. 

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Stomach is definitely a great place to get a tattoo because it is not only less painful but also you can also get some personal tattoos. It is a much known fact that the stomach has a major part of the skin and it is among the softest parts of the body. This will automatically reduce the pain caused due to the tattoo needle. 

Cartilage in the Ear

Tattoos on the ear cartilage don’t customarily hurt as much as you’d imagine, as bizarre as it may seem. This is because there is no bone to cause the needle to jingle, and the surrounding tissue is less sensitive. Because of the ear’s small size, the tattooing process won’t take too long, so you won’t have to endure excruciating discomfort for very long.

Wrapping Up!

Still, concerned about how much a tattoo will hurt? Don’t worry. As soon as the tattoo artist starts, your body will start doing all it can to make it more bearable. But the pain also depends on the artist you choose. It is best to go with professional tattoo artists from Tattoo Trends for the best help. We offer the best tattoos and take care of everything. Feel free to contact us on our Instagram or WhatsApp for more details!


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