We are the most trusted and demanded body piercing professionals in Bangalore, and have years of experience in the business. People love to get pierced on different parts of the body as a style symbol. We have the finest team of trained individuals, who are delivering the desired quality results. 

We understand the latest trend and choices of people. We use quality materials to do the job authentically. 

Ear Piercing by Tattoo Trends Bangalore

We understand the latest trend and choices of people. We use quality materials to do the job authentically. 

Our Piercing Services

“Tattoo Trends” offers various piercing services to its clients by practising the safest international industrial piercing methods.

Nose Piercing

Nose Piercing

We offer budget-friendly and safe nose piercing services. Our professionals use industry guided equipment and machines to perform the piercing process. You can get in touch with our team for nose piercing in Bangalore. We use both the classical needle method and the gunshot technique.

Ear Piercing

Ear Piercing

Ear piercing is our forte in the business. We provide unmatched quality services for ear piercing in Bangalore. Irrespective of gender and age group, every person likes to have an ear piercing to showcase their style and uniqueness among others. Get the ear piercing done with minimum pain.

Belly Piercing

Belly Piercing

Belly piercing is the latest trend in the market. The trend has derived from western culture, and now it is a part of Indian trends too. Get systematic and highly professional services for belly piercing in Bangalore. We are professionally trained for the gunshot belly piercing as well.

Gunshot Ear Piercing

Gunshot Ear Piercing

Get the smooth and comfortable services for gunshot ear piercing in Bangalore at a reasonable cost. Our professionals perform ear, nose, and belly piercing through advanced gunshot machines. We are licensed to do gunshot ear piercing in Bangalore.

How We Do It

How We Do It?

We follow the standard procedure for piercing. It takes a couple of minutes to finish the job safely.

We do first thing first, we always sterilize the needle and jewel that is to be placed.

Then we mark the area where to be pierced with a marker. Then we inject local anaesthesia on the marked area.

Thereafter we perform the procedure by penetrating the area and placing the jewel in the right place. And then we lock it properly, so it doesn’t give trouble to the patient.  We make sure that the client is comfortable throughout the procedure.

Things To Avoid After Procedure

It is advisable that after the piercing session one should avoid interacting directly with the sunrays. You should avoid doing any hardcore physical workout. Don’t mess with the treated area. You should not clean the pierced spot with cold

Why Hire Us?

Tattoo Trends” is licensed to offer professional piercing services in Bangalore. We are trusted by thousands of valuable clients. We follow international regulations.

Our unmatched piercing services are cost-effective and budget-friendly. You can opt for the tailor-made customisable service package based on your requirements and budget.

The biggest advantage for our clients is that they can reach us easily as we are located in Bangalore city. Get in touch with our team 24×7. We would love to be the reason for the smile on your face.

Client safety is our priority, and we consider all the precautionary measures during the piercing process.

When you approach us, you are in safe hands. We have a team of skilled professionals who listen to you’re your needs and desires carefully before starting the piercing session.

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