“Tattoo Trends” is the best tattoo parlour in Bangalore that offers professional tattoo making services in the metropolitan city. A tattoo is the art of inking the desired image or photo on the body. Tattoos have had significant importance in the lives of people since ancient times. Earlier people used to engrave their gods on their body parts. Though, it was a painful process.
Today, people get tattoos of their good memories, bad memories, pictures of their loved ones, signs of power, and many more things on their bodies.

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Do you want to get a beautiful memory tattooed on your body so that you can cherish it forever? Then you can get in touch with the best tattoo studio in Bangalore. “Tattoo Trends” is the most professional tattoo place in the city that offers high-quality tattoo services.Today, people get tattoos of their good memories, bad memories, pictures of their loved ones, signs of power, and many more things on their bodies.

Meet Our Tattoo Artists

We have an amazing team of talented tattoo artists. They are skilled, technically equipped, experienced, and friendly. Our team is capable of making any complex design based on skin quality. You can ask all your queries from our professionals through a telephonic conversation before booking your session with us. We would love to give you the best possible solution for your needs and requirements





Belly Piercing


Gunshot Ear Piercing


We Understand What You Need

We have delivered thousands of desired results in tattoo art on various types of demands from our valuable clients. And that is why we understand what you need and what you are looking for? We love to discuss our client’s needs in detail before we share the action plan. We also come up with the possible outcomes beforehand.

We Are Technically Advanced

We are well-versed with the use of the latest and upgraded tattoo machines and tools. Our artists are the best in this business. Considering the high level of client safety, we perform the precision. It takes only a few minutes to complete the session. Though, several sessions are required for a particular tattoo based on its size, colouring, and complexity.


Our tattoo art services are budget and pocket-friendly. Get an appealing tattoo, so that you can flaunt it in front of the people around. You can get your tattoo design customized according to your taste, want, desire, belief, and budget. Let’s get you a perfect tattoo.
It is highly recommended that you should contact a professional artist to do it safely. A professional microblading practitioner uses standard tools and he is very confident while doing the procedure.

Budget is the constant factor that worries clients the most. We believe in Customer Satisfaction, and that is why we offer our unmatched quality tattoo services in Bangalore for a competitive price range. 

We are considered one of the best tattoo places in Bangalore because of the environment and budget-friendliness without compromising on the quality of the services. 

Why Do Thousands Of Clients Trust Us?

  • The biggest reason for trusting us in all these years is that we have or presence in the Bangalore city only. 
  • We have years of experience in creating and adding beautiful colours to the lives of our clients through our tattoo art. 
  • You will always experience a friendly ambience whenever you will visit us. 
  • Our team is technically sound and upgraded. 
  • Our tattoo prices are the best in the industry though, prices may vary as per the detailing and design. 
  • You can get in touch with our professionals 24X7. We would be more than happy to discuss your initial requirements related to your new tattoo. 
  • We use the latest equipment and tattoo machines to perform the task effectively. 
  • Our artists take all the safety and precautionary measures into account while tattooing on the customer’s skin.
  • We enjoy what we do, and that makes us what we are today. 

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We love to ink the feelings, emotions, desires, likings, interests, passion, and cultures of our valuable clients through our incomparable tattoo art.


Our team of skilled artists perform microblading procedure using advanced equipment to give you the desired eyebrow aesthetics.